Discover the most beautiful spots of Sardinia - carribean sea, waves & lagoons!
Sardinia is the most epic island for kiteboarding in Europe. You can find there dreamy caribbean beaches, flat water lagoons compared to brazil, waves to carve like Portugal. There is no need to go far, if such a beautiful island nextdoor offers all those kind of spots.
What makes Sardinia so special is, that in springtime its completely calm but already warm enough to spend the days and nights outdoor - thats why we go there in springtime with our vans and caravans.
Join us for free! We seek the perfect spot spontaneously looking at the wind conditions and forecasts. Who prefers to rent a car and stay in an apartment can do this too - although has to be a bit flexible in changing the spots, which is much more easy and relaxed wit hcampers or vans.
This camp is one of the adventure trips of Epic Kiteboarding. Stay outdoor means cook on our gas heaters, shower with pet bottles and of course kite from sunrise to sunset!
Book your kitecourse, coaching or photoshooting if you would like - this is not for free but it may make your holiday perfect! Mention in on your eMail request beneaht!

Join for free!

28.04. - 12.5.2017
Book your own ferry or flight, apartment and rental car, then join us on the spot - which one I will tell you on request, as those spots are of a beauty that do not deserve the big mass running there...