Airush International Prorider, Surf and Kitesurf Instructor

10. - 16. February 2019


Amazing to welcome Reider Decker on board of our Bahamas Kite Cruise Catamaran! Reider was taught by his father to kiteboard and surf at a young age. Over the years Reider began to hone his skills towards to wave kiting and strapless freestyle. Reider is now an international rider for Airush Kiteboarding. When he is not working the shop or teaching lessons, he is in the water practicing strapless freestyle and wave riding every chance he gets. 

The clinic will go over everything from the fundamentals of strapless kitesurfing to intermediate and advance strapless tricks depending on the level of the students. A small clinic offers the opportunity to work closely with each student to help them stick what they have been trying to land!  We can go over everything from feet switching, tacks and jibes to strapless airs and more advance tricks like backrolls, shovits and more! The best part about strapless kitesurfing is how fluid and fun it can be. If you have people there trying new things with you it goes a long way!

Cyankiteboarding Bahamas Cruise_0365.JPG

There are 3 double cabins for maximum 6 persons who will join the Clinic with Reider Decker on The Bahamas Kite Cruise.

You will spend one week with the great athlete on board and get daily coachings to learn new moves and tricks! 

We will choose paradise perfect spots for this cruise, flat to train as well as waves, according to the wind forecast and provide all the service for you on board of the luxury Lagoon 450. Two additional instructors will provide the daily service of every cruise we do such as delivery to the beach and back to the catamaran as well as rescue service and support of the athlete. 

Of course this will be the most spectacular week of the season and we will record it by hundreds of photos and video recordings, as we also have a professional photographer on board. 


Max 2 Persons
(same if single)
1 Double bed
1 Bathroom
1 Week: 4400€


1 Person
Shared Cabin
1 shared Double bed
1 shared bathroom
1 Week: 2500€


Max 6 Persons
3 Cabins
3 Double beds
3 Bathrooms
1 Week: 13'000€